FOREGO Ultimate Adventure & Survival Backpack



  • FOREGO is the ultimate survival and outdoors adventure bag that helps you thrive in either situation. Its durable, water resistant and tear proof
  • Contains a massive first aid kit, survival kit with a multi-tool, knife, fishing kit, LED flashlight (batteries not included), spork, tactical pen, caribiner, measuring tool, fire starter, wire saw, compass, whistle, emergency blanket and water bottle clip
  • Comes with a water filter straw, water bottle filter, collapsible canteen, and water bottle. All the water capturing and purifying gear you’ll need for clean water.
  • Also includes a radio & flashlight combo that is powered by solar or hand crank with a USB port to charge your phone or device, 100 feet of paracord, pots for cooking, shovel, and emergency shelter
  • And one of the highlights is that it comes with 4 of the FOREGO full body wipes (19.7″ x 31.5″) and 2 packs of the 20 hand & face wipes (8″x 10″). Feeling icky but don’t have a shower around? Use the full body wipes to clean up